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A Message of Prayer and Hope

I wanted to take the opportunity to send a message of prayer and hope to citizens in the UK primarily, but my thoughts and best wishes extend around the world as we all tackle the pandemic.

Firstly, today is the third day that our Prime Minister, Boris Johnson is spending in hospital battling coronavirus.

I have every confidence that he will win through because of his resilient character and the treatment he is receiving from the excellent medical staff at St Thomas’ in London.

Irrespective of political party loyalties, I am sure. like me, many of you wish him a speedy recovery, so that he can continue on his quest to lead the UK through this most testing time. We need him to finish the job he has so ably started.

It just goes to prove that Covid-19, can strike anybody, nobody is safe from being a potential victim.

I felt very proud that her majesty, the Queen, took the opportunity to send her thanks to those essential workers and the nation at large. Her goodwill extended to all countries combatting this terrible virus. Her words will give strength to the citizens of United Kingdom and the Commonwealth, and I am sure it was of great comfort to hear her say that we will come through this.

As I have said before the government have put measures in to place to help businesses, and this is starting to gain traction.

We must all stay positive and take great care of ourselves and our families. Thanks must also go out to those volunteers who are helping their communities in various ways , my prayers and gratitude extends to you all.

Bajloor Rashid MBE

UKBCCI President

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