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The EMA concludes the AstraZeneca vaccine is safe

Whether for safety, political or jealousy reasons the AstraZeneca jab was paused by a number of European countries whilst the European Medicines Agency (EMA) carried out an investigation into reports of blood disorders, and on conclusion said the vaccine is not linked to an “overall risk” of blood clots. So as those EU countries come back on board, I ask myself, was this necessary, when the MHRA (The UK’s Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) and the World Health Organisation believed the vaccine to be safe?

The result this week has been a slowing down and reduction in various countries civilians receiving vaccines at a rate that will get those nations back on their feet again as quickly as possible, and the obvious fear and doubt that occurs as a result of such stories.

So as a community activist, I urge any ’new doubters’ to be confident that the various medical bodies all agree of the vaccine’s safety and book that jab.

Bajloor Rashid MBE UKBCCI Director - Founder and First President

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